After The Beep

Audio Guest Book

 Unleashing the Ultimate Guest Book Experience!

Looking for an unforgettable alternative guest book for your event? Look no further! Our innovative solution allows your guests to leave personalized recorded messages, ensuring memories that will be cherished forever. And guess what? We’ve taken it up a notch with an original vintage telephone!

From corporate gatherings to major milestone events like birthdays, baby showers, engagement parties, graduations, retirements, weddings, and more – we’ve got you covered! Experience the energy of BPM Entertainment today and create lasting memories with our one-of-a-kind guest book experience!
Elevate your event to unprecedented heights and let the magic unfold. The exclusivity of BPM Entertainment awaits, ready to transcend your expectations and offer you an unmatched guest book experience. Don’t settle for ordinary, embrace the extraordinary today!

Introducing Our Latest Gem

The Candle Stick Audio Guest Book & Payphone!

Enhance your wedding/party vibe with our vintage-inspired candlestick phone. Let guests leave memorable messages all night! Crafted to resemble a classic landline, this exquisite brass-finished phone guarantees a unique experience for you and your guests. Don’t miss out!

Be the talk of the town with our vintage payphone! Fully functioning and coin-compatible, it’s the perfect addition to your industrial-styled wedding. Check it out now!

What Makes our phone



Whats Included?

Coverage for the Entire event

Your choice of Color

Pre-recorded Message

Instructions For Your Guests Including Helpline 

Custom Message Available at an extra cost


*ALL PACKAGES ARE CUSTOMIZABLE. If you would like to add additional services to a package Please let us know.

A 3% service fee is added if you choose to pay with paypal/credit/debit card.

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