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Add the ultimate trivia experience

Trivia is a creative way to make your event stand out. We’ll run our popular games anywhere you’re gathering, and we can even cater the questions specifically to your group or event. Getting married? We’ll quiz your guests to find out how much they really know about you. Corporate event? We’ll see what your employees know about the history of the company. Trivia is a great ice breaker to get people involved and having fun immediately. 

Games like:

Music Bingo


The music bingo game show experience connecting music lovers everywhere.

Jindo can be played virtually, or in-person, at your next event. Challenge your family, friends or coworkers to a game! There’s no limit to how many people can play. Test your luck and music knowledge today!

Trivia Board

Trivia Board, is similar to Jeopardy, with different categories and tiers of questions available on the game board. This software even supports video, music and pictures, making this a versatile piece of any game show event! Animations, sound and scoring are all completely adjustable, meaning this software can fit any theme. Controlled by wireless buzzers. Trivia Board brings the fun to nearly any event! From private parties to study group meetings, this software is a necessary piece of any game show!

Trivia Feud

Trivia Feud is similar to Family Feud. After three chances at guessing the results of the survey, the rival team can steal the board, making for one exciting event! This is a team-based game featuring surveys and lets you customize your own surveys! Be it a wedding, retirement party, or a family reunion, Trivia Feud will make any event lively!


Whats Included?

Minimum 1 hour Booking

Up to two games per hour

Custom games available for a fee

Audio/Visual System (Projector/Tv, Speakers)

Game Show Host


All game shows can be bundled with Dj & Photo Booth for special bundle pricing. 

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