The perfect Wedding DJ

I feel really lucky that we found Simeon and he was available for our wedding! He’s a great communicator, he’s organized, and he was really in tune with us and our guests. We had a couple of zoom meetings before the wedding, and Simeon gave us a clear idea of what to expect on the day and asked us all the important questions to understand what we were looking for. We had different genres of music for the cocktail hour vs the dinner vs the dancing, and all of the selections were fun and fresh. Because of COVID, we ended up with fewer guests than we had planned, so the number of people on the dance floor at any time was naturally pretty small. This made us worry that the dance party would burn out quickly, but Simeon kept it going the whole time! Our guests raved about the music. Simeon provided exactly what we were looking for: a fun and low-stress dance party!

Claire Eder

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